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In anger counseling, we explore unresolved anger. 

Anger isn't just one feeling -- it's many. It can include shame, fear, guilt, frustration, and disappointment. Anger can distort your thinking and lead to out-of-control behaviors. When you were younger, expressing anger probably served a purpose. However, unresolved anger can cause problems at work, in relationships, and with your feelings about yourself.

Forms of Anger

While we often think of an angry person as explosive, there are other forms of anger. In addition to explosive, anger can also be fantasy or self-harming.  To illustrate, here's what the different forms of anger can look like:

  • Explosive: aggression, uncontrolled outbursts, manipulation, dysfunctional relationships, addiction, incarceration.
  • Fantasy: plotting, directed at others, rage, easily triggered, over-reaction, taking things personally.
  • Self-saboteur: self-harming, negative self talk, expressions of shame, fearful, fakes not being angry, numbing with food/alcohol/drugs/sex, unhealthy relationships, depressed, anxious.

Addressing Anger

Often, anger management is thought to be the way to address anger. This approach aims to contain anger. In other words, to make angry feelings and behaviors less harmful. Tried and true anger management techniques include things like: "count to ten", "hit a pillow", or "screaming in your car". Sounds easy, doesn't it? But, do these things really work?

Here's the secret: They don't work. It's not your fault if you tried them and they didn't work.

The problem with popular anger management techniques is that they simply aim to control anger. They're temporary. They do nothing to explain where the anger came from or to resolve the feelings. Anger management techniques are just coping skills. Coping skills are a great help, but they're not enough on their own.

Here's the not-so-secret truth: Unresolved feelings don't go away -- they fester.  That is to say that unresolved anger will keep resurfacing. If you've read this far, you probably already know that his pattern can have disastrous consequences.

Anger Resolution

In anger counseling, we approach anger differently. We focus on resolving anger. Anger resolution aims to:

  • address the core of anger
  • explore feelings of fear
  • learn from angry feelings
  • challenge distorted thinking patterns
  • explain how anger could be protective
  • work through past traumas
  • provide a safe place
  • address shame
  • increase self-acceptance
  • introduce new ways to express feelings
  • manage anger (hey, those coping skills do have some use after all!)

Anger counseling can help resolve difficult feelings

Curious about anger counseling?

If you or someone you care about is having anger issues that go beyond a few anger management coping skills, we can help. Rebekah is certified in the Anger Resolution Blueprint method and specializes in anger counseling.  Call to schedule a free 15-minute phone consult or a regular intake session.

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