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Counseling is not one-size-fits-all.

Like most of us, you've probably had the experience of having to pick a healthcare provider from a long list of providers. How are you supposed to pick? Usually, we look for someone close by for convenience, then we think about a possible preference for male or female provider -- if we're lucky, someone we know has heard of someone on the list? Often, it's picking from a list like this is probably the worst way to find a therapist. We match our Suwanee counselors to clients based on two overall factors: focus and fit.


It's about the focus.

The foundation of a good client to therapist match is about the focus. At the most basic level, your therapist needs to have a strong understanding of how to treat what you're struggling with. While all therapists get training and experience in graduate school on how to treat a broad range of issues, no therapist has a deep level of understanding on everything.

Therefore, we believe it's important to have specialty areas to focus on. At Empower Counseling, we don’t try to treat everything. We leverage our specialized training and experience to treat exactly what our clients are struggling with. This approach means we take additional training regularly, we're writing about these things on our social media and blog,  and we spend a lot of time every day working with people who have very similar concerns to yours. All of this helps us understand and know how to treat the things you're going through.

Complicated Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma Counseling

Our Atlanta counselors focus on complicated anxiety, depression, and trauma counseling. Moreover, we narrow this to treat when these issues become more complex because some or all of these things are piling up together so that it's a tangled up, hard to sort out, overlapping, chaotic cluster of painful symptoms.

Get Unstuck

Often, our clients can come to us because they're feeling stuck in a specific situation. They feel sad and their worries have started to take over. This has started to feel overwhelming and impacts them in every part of their life: they're under performing at work(or in school), their relationships are feeling more distant and conflicted, and they can't sleep well or even enjoy the good things when they come. When we dig in, we often find that there are difficulties in their past that have hurt them deeply. If this sounds at all like you, one of our therapists might be a good fit for you.

It's about the fit.

If no one told you yet, we fully believe that you are unique and your experiences are completely different than anyone else’s. We believe that the work in therapy is done in the professional relationship created between client and therapist. The fit between a client and their therapist is extremely important. Further, not every awesome client and wonderful therapist are going to be a good fit to work together. People are complex and there's a certain amount of mystery about why any two people do or don't "click". We get it, we want the best for you as you to help you heal and grow. Your individual experience matters and you deserve to work with a great therapist who really gets you.

We speak the language of our ideal clients

Beyond the training for our focus areas, we put a lot of thought into who are ideal clients are. effort into understanding who our ideal clients are. These are the clients who we are most able to help heal. When you read about one of our Suwanee counselors, look for how relatable they seem to you personally. Are they showing that they have a good understanding of what you're going through? Do they understand your pain? Are they speaking your language?

Our therapists write their profiles to describe this. Read through a couple to find who you think might be a great fit. They also include the nitty gritty details (at the bottom) about their approach, education, licensing, etc. -- but the most important part is the part where they explain who they help.

Real Talk

While all of our therapists focus on anxiety, depression, relationships, and trauma, each of them has a different angle on the specifics of who and how. They each have their own take on who they work best with and how they approach a client's story. Further, our therapists strive to be authentic and bring their own personality and lived experience to support you. They are not smile and nod and "mmmm hmmm" kind of therapists. They're the kind who will lean in, share a laugh, call bullshit, help nudge you along your path, and help you focus on where you want to be.


You deserve to work with
a great therapist who really gets you!

Therapy is about healing and growth. It's incredibly important and can help you throughout your life. All of our therapists offer self-scheduling and free 15-minute initial phone consults. You can schedule with your preferred therapist through our secure client portal to get started.  Read more about this process under Getting Started.

We can't wait to help you start trading your anxiety and stress for confidence.

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Use this graphic to help figure out which of our Atlanta counselors might be a great fit for your needs. Some of our specialty areas are along the left side, with out therapists across the top. The dots show which areas each therapist specializes in. Then, read more about the therapists that seem like a good fit to determine who you'd like to speak with.

The therapists of Empower Counseling in Suwanee, Georgia specialize in complex trauma, ptsd, and anxiety, they see teens and adults both in person in suwanee as well as online throughout Georgia

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