5 Things Strong Women are Tired of Hearing

A strong black woman smiles and considers therapy in Atlanta

Strong women earn the title when they've been through a lot of stuff in life. Often, when they take care of everything on their own, they're told, "you juggle everything so well!" Even when waves of hardships continued to hit, one after the other, they're told, “you’ll get past anything that comes your way!” On behalf of the strong women...[ read more ]

Suicide Myths

Suicide myths get in the way of suicide prevention. Be ready to get down and dirty, because we’re going to be discussing a heavy topic that has a lot of stigma surrounding it within our society: suicide. Suicide Stigma If you just cringed after reading the word "suicide", it’s understandable. There is so much we don’t understand about suicide because...[ read more ]

Keeping your cool with toxic people: The art of responding vs. reacting

responding vs. reacting: how to keep your cool with toxic people

If you have ever been around any toxic people, I would like to pose the question to you: what is the difference between responding and reacting? They both require a response right? Even though they both involve contributing to a dialogue, and aside from the fact that both words begin with the letter “r,” they are very different. Reacting to...[ read more ]

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