The Perfectionism Depression Cycle and 10 Tips to Get Unstuck

The perfectionism-depression cycle can feel impossible to break free from, especially for people pleasers, over achievers, and other type A folks. Our Atlanta Therapists at Empower Counseling can help you identify the thinking patterns behind this and help you resolve them so you can get unstuck and feel confident.

The Perfectionism-Depression Cycle The perfectionism-depression cycle involves a series of interconnected stages: All-or-Nothing Thinking: Perfectionists hold the belief that anything worth doing must be done flawlessly. This rigid thinking pattern sets unrealistic standards and fosters a fear of failure. Insatiable Drive: Perfectionists obsess over flaws and setbacks, constantly striving for an unattainable ideal. This focus on imperfections erodes the satisfaction...[ read more ]

What is C-PTSD? Symptoms, Impact, and the Journey to Healing

what is c-ptsd?

More and more, people are talking about Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). In this article, we’ll answer “What is C-PTSD?” and explore its intricacies, including symptoms, impact on marginalized groups, examples of traumatic situations, and the path to healing. Get ready to embark on this enlightening journey together! What is C-PTSD: A Closer Look C-PTSD, or Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,...[ read more ]

The Transformative Power of EMDR Therapy for Complex PTSD

empower counseling treats complex ptsd with emdr therapy in Atlanta, Georgia

Life's Journey: Ups, Downs, and Lasting Impact Life is an unpredictable journey, with experiences that shape our minds and bodies. Some recover naturally, but others face complex PTSD—a condition resulting from ongoing trauma. It affects mental, emotional, and physical well-being, disrupting relationships. Understanding Complex PTSD Complex PTSD develops from repeated or prolonged exposure to trauma, such as childhood abuse, neglect,...[ read more ]

EMDR Consultation – Online from anywhere

Elaine Moss is an EMDR Certified Therapist and an EMDRIA Consultant-in-Training providing EMDR Consultation

EMDR consultation is for clinicians who have been trained in EMDR.   EMDR training can be overwhelming. In other words, it can feel like trying to drink from a fire hose. On one hand, you get so much out of it, but on the other hand, it seems like you missed so much. Even when your training includes the chance to...[ read more ]

Burnout Prevention: Prioritized To Do List (Eisenhower Decision Matrix)

burnout prevention strategy for over-achievers

A tried and true skill to help with burnout prevention. I see a lot of super smart people who have basically made over-achieving an art form. They treat themselves like they need to always have the strength of Luisa and always be as perfect as Isabella. (Yep, an Encanto reference, the movie is so therapy relatable in so many ways.)...[ read more ]

3 Essential Listening Skills to Improve Your Relationships

Listening skills are hugely important in successful relationships.

Listening Skills are an important piece of good communication. One of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship is communication. When both partners understand how to communicate properly, they feel loved, connected and secure. But when effective communication is lacking, both people can become defensive, and the relationship can be mired down in distrust, misunderstanding and resentments. When couples...[ read more ]

5 Subtle Anxiety Coping Skills (for When You’re Not Alone)

managing anxiety in public

Anxiety can strike anywhere. When you're out in pubic, you need some subtle coping skills to manage anxiety in the moment.  When anxiety strikes, the world around us can start to feel chaotic, like a carnival funhouse (except not fun). This is when self-soothing coping skills are so helpful. However, it's not like you can use a lot of your...[ read more ]

4 Things to Know About Teen Anxiety

teen anxiety can feel devastating

Anxiety can feel devastating for teens. Parents and teachers can help teens they care about get ahead of anxiety by learning a few simple truths about teen anxiety.  Anxiety is like fire: It can keep us safe and warm, or completely devastate our property and our lives. It’s good to be a little anxious at times. When walking down a...[ read more ]

Why SMART Goals are better than New Year’s Resolutions (and how counseling can help reduce anxiety and depression!)

New Year's Resolutions can take a toll on your mental health, increasing anxiety and depression. Counseling can help you set meaningful SMART goals instead. New Year's Resolutions Hello New Year! It seems that you can barely set foot into a new year before the topic of new year's resolutions comes up. I'm sure I'm not the first to ask: "What...[ read more ]

Trade Holiday Stress for Joy (ditch anxiety and depression, too!)

ditch holiday stress and enjoy the holidays

Holiday stress can ruin your mood. This guide will help you fill your holidays with joy.  The holidays can be a wondrous time filled with spiritual meaning and reunions with loved ones. Despite the merriment, holidays can cause a great deal of tension. This year, trade holiday stress for holiday joy by using these simple tips. Let Go of Expectations...[ read more ]

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