Fighting Anxiety and Over-Thinking with Yoga Wisdom

Yoga wisdom helps manage anxiety and over-thinking

Has anxiety and over-thinking got your mind running so fast all day long that it can’t stop? Are you exhausted but unable to sleep? These things are so common, but this is a super challenging way to live.  Yoga philosophy has been a source of wisdom for thousands of years and can offer some wisdom into why this happens. Your...[ read more ]

Are you Calm, Happy, and Energized or Frustrated, Anxious, Tired, and Stressed?

Atlanta Counseling in Suwanee helps successful people trade stress for calm

Frustration. Anxiety. Exhaustion. Stress. So many successful people are walking around full of stress and feeling miserable. It can feel like there's never a break. However, from the outside looking in, it seems that everything is in order and life is good. Then why are you walking around not feeling calm, happy, and energized? Stress Check-Up If you can say 80%...[ read more ]

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