Laughter is the Best Medicine

laughter is the best medicine for anxiety and depression

We all know the old adage that “laughter is the best medicine” and, honestly, who doesn’t want to laugh like a child being tickled? We have all heard it at one point, or several points, in our lives. You may have questioned the accuracy of this statement in the past. Maybe it’s an answer you didn’t take time to seek out. Perhaps you...[ read more ]

How to Face a New Normal: Adjusting to Grief and Loss

walking through grief and loss, adjusting to a new normal

Adjusting to a "new normal" after grief and loss is a battle filled with difficult emotions. Grief is like trying to finish a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle while missing 500 pieces. You have to hunt down those pieces to make the puzzle whole. Sometimes you may stumble upon a piece unexpectedly, making the progress simple. Other times you may have...[ read more ]

Caregivers need care, too

care giving is like gardening

Caregiving is Hard Caregiver stress is a real thing. Whether you're caring for a loved one or chose a career as a caregiver (such as doctor, nurse, therapist, or teacher). As rewarding as it can feel, it’s also super stressful. Oftentimes, we can lose ourselves in all we do for others. As a result, we may even feel guilty taking...[ read more ]

Anxiety is like a traffic jam: How to get unstuck

atlanta rush hour traffic

Does your life feel like a perpetual traffic jam with no movement forward? How anxiety inducing is it to be stuck in traffic? Just the thought of being gridlocked in Atlanta traffic with no ability to get out to stretch your legs or use the restroom is the stuff of nightmares, am I right? When our progress depends entirely on...[ read more ]

An Attitude of Gratitude: How being thankful can reduce anxiety and depression

have an attitude of gratitude

Let’s give that attitude a little gratitude, shall we? Do you have a bad attitude clinging to you like glitter from a greeting card or your kid’s school project? Don’t worry. We’ve all fallen victim to the glitter tragedy at some point in our lives. But, unlike glitter, you can shake that bad attitude with a dash of gratitude -- an attitude...[ read more ]

Work from home they said, it will be great they said…

work from home burnout

Work from home burnout. Let’s talk about it. How it is possible to feel so drained when you haven't even left the house? I mean, you didn’t even have to wake up super early, do the morning song and dance to get ready, load up and drive to work, and deal with all that morning rush hour traffic. So this...[ read more ]

Who pushed me out of this perfectly good plane and where’s my parachute?

chronic illness can feel like you're pushed out of an airplane without a parachute

Adjusting to chronic illness sucks. It can feel like getting shoved out of an airplane by some prankster you didn’t give permission to. These things just aren’t supposed to happen. We’re supposed to have complete control over our lives, right? Besides, you’ve done everything right. How did this happen? Why did life do a table flip on you like a WWE wrestler...[ read more ]

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