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Need a cure for the summertime blues?

It’s hot. It’s humid. You just don’t feel like it. It almost doesn’t matter what “it” is.  You’d rather do just about anything than wear shorts, sandals, or a bathing suit in public. Going to a BBQ does not sound like fun and neither does making your signature pot luck dish. If one more person tells you they’re bored, you...[ read more ]

Ten Tips for Relationships that Work

Often, when we talk about relationships, we refer to romantic partners, but there are many other types of relationships in our lives that we must nurture. To be happy, we don’t just need relationships in our life, we need relationships that work. Here are ten tips for relationships that work that come from a survey of over 1,000 peer-reviewed research...[ read more ]

An Interview with Elaine

This week, Thervo.com reached out to met to let me know that Empower Counseling was reviewed, along with 73 other local businesses, and chosen as a Top 10 marriage counseling business in the area. We’re super proud to be featured on their website on the list of the Best Pros in our area for 2019. Here’s an excerpt from the...[ read more ]

Finding meaning: Ikigai

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that basically means a reason for being. It’s described as the thing that gives your life meaning, or a reason to get up in the morning. This beautiful and simple idea is usually represented visually with overlapping circles representing Ikigai as the intersection of: What you love What you are good at What the world...[ read more ]

Boundaries Are for Nice People, Too

About a million years ago (somewhere between 1978-1982) on a TV show called WKRP in Cincinnati, Les Nessman was a terribly incompetent, painfully awkward character, who was still somehow rather lovable. One of the funniest things about Les was that he worked in an open plan office with several others, but believed he should have his own private office, so...[ read more ]

What are 3 things happy people have in common?

Back in graduate school, one of my favorite professors posed this question to our class: “What are three things that happy people have in common?” Multiple people from our struggling student demographic quickly chimed in with the same first answer: Money! “NOPE” said our professor. While, arguably, there is a certain amount of money needed to cover basic life expenses,...[ read more ]

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