Don’t Let Holiday Anger Get the Best of You With your Family

don't let holiday anger get the best of you

The build-up of stress and emotions can lead to holiday anger. Don't let it get the best of you with these tips.  For many of us, spending time with family can be a grab bag of emotions. While you may feel love and familiarity, there's also decades-long dynamics between you and your family members that may not be the most...[ read more ]

Supporting teens through their unique struggles

teenagers at the computer

I’ve been asked, more than once, “How do you work with teens?!” I typically respond by saying, “With care.” I recognize that the underlying question here is more about the inquiring individual’s own misunderstandings associated with Millennials and Post-Millennials, also known as Generations Y and Z. I imagine there are many people who are often perplexed to learn that someone would take on such a challenge. I get it. Helping teens to process their personal thoughts and emotions while they are also struggling with other issues including hormonal changes, juggling academic pressures, and maintaining very demanding social...[ read more ]

Did you know? Facts on youth mental health risks

Did you know? Youth with significant symptoms of depression are 2 times more likely to drop out of school The 2nd leading cause of death among individuals between the ages of 10-34 is suicide Lesbian, gay and bisexual teens are 4 times more likely to die by suicide than non-LGBT+ youth 75% of individuals who die by suicide are males...[ read more ]

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