5 Things Strong Women are Tired of Hearing

A strong black woman smiles and considers therapy in Atlanta

Strong women earn the title when they've been through a lot of stuff in life. Often, when they take care of everything on their own, they're told, "you juggle everything so well!" Even when waves of hardships continued to hit, one after the other, they're told, “you’ll get past anything that comes your way!” On behalf of the strong women...[ read more ]

What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is a concept given life back in the 1990s by an Australian sociologist named Judy Singer. The term is used to represent the different ways people think, behave, communicate, and more. Neurodiversity is often associated with challenges an individual may face. For instance, people with neurodiverse traits may be diagnosed with conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHA) dyslexia,...[ read more ]

EMDR Consultation – Online from anywhere

Elaine Moss is an EMDR Certified Therapist and an EMDRIA Consultant-in-Training providing EMDR Consultation

EMDR consultation is for clinicians who have been trained in EMDR.   EMDR training can be overwhelming. In other words, it can feel like trying to drink from a fire hose. On one hand, you get so much out of it, but on the other hand, it seems like you missed so much. Even when your training includes the chance to...[ read more ]

Burnout Prevention: Prioritized To Do List (Eisenhower Decision Matrix)

burnout prevention strategy for over-achievers

A tried and true skill to help with burnout prevention. I see a lot of super smart people who have basically made over-achieving an art form. They treat themselves like they need to always have the strength of Luisa and always be as perfect as Isabella. (Yep, an Encanto reference, the movie is so therapy relatable in so many ways.)...[ read more ]

Suicide Myths

Suicide myths get in the way of suicide prevention. Be ready to get down and dirty, because we’re going to be discussing a heavy topic that has a lot of stigma surrounding it within our society: suicide. Suicide Stigma If you just cringed after reading the word "suicide", it’s understandable. There is so much we don’t understand about suicide because...[ read more ]

Keeping your cool with toxic people: The art of responding vs. reacting

responding vs. reacting: how to keep your cool with toxic people

If you have ever been around any toxic people, I would like to pose the question to you: what is the difference between responding and reacting? They both require a response right? Even though they both involve contributing to a dialogue, and aside from the fact that both words begin with the letter “r,” they are very different. Reacting to...[ read more ]

Why Black Therapists Matter | African American Therapy in Atlanta, Georgia

black therapists matter

Black Therapists Matter: What I learned about therapy from attending an HBCU Growing up, therapy was not in the lineup of options when considering to seek emotional or mental support. Typically, there was the support from the church, possible community leader, or a trusted friend. However, the most frequently used strategy was keeping things “in house.” Since then, I’ve gained...[ read more ]

Are Anger Issues Stealing Your Joy? (Anger Counseling Can Help)

don't let anger issues steal your joy

Anger counseling can help you tame your anger issues. Anger is a healthy emotion, it's how we respond to anger that becomes unhealthy. Life is full of moments that promote anger and let’s face it -- that could be anything. Sometimes anger can look like screaming and yelling or plotting against someone and sometimes it can look like substance abuse....[ read more ]

Looking past pandemic stress to opportunities for simple living

pandemic stress aside, we can benefit by learning lessons of simple living

COVID-19 has disrupted our daily routines, but it hasn't only brought pandemic stress. Hopefully, you've been able to enjoy a few positive effects. Perhaps you've simplified your life, re-committed to your health, or re-connected your relationships. For example, 59% of fathers said they feel closer to their children as the result of complying with coronavirus restrictions. That’s according to one...[ read more ]

Why your mind-body connection matters when you have anxiety, depression, or trauma

woman demonstrates yoga as part of yoga-informed trauma counseling

Your mind-body connection is the basis for feeling whole. Therapists look for patterns. We look for patterns across situations and relationships. Further, we explore what impacts clients and how they respond. Above all, people who have complex mental health issues often have a disconnection between their mind and body. Mind-body Disconnection Some common signs that someone has a mind-body disconnect:...[ read more ]

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