DBT Skills Group for Teens | Online in Atlanta Georgia

Our DBT Skills Group help teens with big emotions and chaotic relationships
so that they learn to feel calm, connected, and confident.

DBT Skills Group for Teens Online Georgia Atlanta Gwinnett

Does any of this sound painfully familiar?

  • moods feel out of control
  • often feel lonely or left out
  • act without thinking
  • difficulty reaching goals
  • chaotic relationships
  • feel misunderstood
  • constantly interrupted school/work/family life

DBT Skills Group

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is backed by science and has become popular because it is effective and can help many different people.

Generaly, our DBT Skills groups  work to integrate DBT skills in a way that's engaging and practical. So, the activities are designed to engage teens so they can learn and practice skills in a meaningful way.

Therefore, you can learn practical strategies and skills proven by science to help reduce emotional suffering, balance emotions, improve relationships, and create a more fulfilling life for yourself.


DBT Skills group can help your teen:

  • communicate their needs calmly and clearly
  • become more grounded in the present
  • manage life's stressors as they pop up
  • have connected relationships with friends and family
  • smile with a calm confidence
  • be aware of how they are impacting others in their life
  • manage intense emotion
  • reduce impulsive behavior
  • moderate extreme thinking
  • reduce suicidal thoughts and self-harming behaviors
  • feel less overwhelmed
Online DBT Skills Groups for Teens Atlanta Georgia Gwinnett
Online DBT Skills Classes Atlanta Georgia Gwinnett Trauma Anxiety PTSD

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Our teen DBT skills group is starting soon. Trade anxiety for confidence. Learn practical strategies and skills to help reduce emotional suffering, balance emotions, improve relationships, and create a more fulfilling life. #tradeanxietyforconfidence #complextrauma #adhd #highfunctioninganxiety #georgiateen #teenempowerment

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Here’s a sample distress tolerance coping skill we teach in our online Georgia DBT skills group for teens. Here’s 4 things you can do in stressful situations to not get caught up in the moment. #dbtskills #distresstolerance #anxiety #georgiatherapists #georgiadbt #traumatherapy #OLAFLEX #DoritosDareToBeBurned

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Before we can crack open traumatic events, we’ve gotta make sure youre able to stay in your window of tolerance. DBT skills are amazing for preparing you to be ready for processing your trauma. We incorporate these skills, especially mindfulness, in our EMDR therapy work with folx experiencing mental health symptoms of complicated anxiety, depression, and trauma. #tradeanxietyforconfidence #highfunctioninganxiety #complextrauma #musictherapist

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