Why your mind-body connection matters when you have anxiety, depression, or trauma

woman demonstrates yoga as part of yoga-informed trauma counseling

Your mind-body connection is the basis for feeling whole.

Therapists look for patterns. We look for patterns across situations and relationships. Further, we explore what impacts clients and how they respond. Above all, people who have complex mental health issues often have a disconnection between their mind and body.

Mind-body Disconnection

Some common signs that someone has a mind-body disconnect:

  • feel alienated from their body
  • don't feel present in the here and now
  • feel constantly on guard
  • rarely feel fully relaxed
  • engage in high-risk behaviors
  • get easily overwhelmed
  • have negative thoughts about their bodies
  • find it difficult to control impulses and emotions
  • get sick easily
  • over-react to minor stresses
  • use drugs or alcohol to dull their senses
  • harm themselves self to feel something
  • feel unsafe in their bodies

Yoga Counseling for Mind-Body Connection

Yoga counseling can be used to help connect the mind and body. Therefore, it is a more holistic approach to healing than traditional talk therapy.

Yoga counseling still looks a lot like traditional talk therapy. Talk therapy can help you process emotions, identify unhealthy patterns, and learn new ways to cope with life's challenges. Talk therapy often helps you find new ways of thinking. However, overwhelmed people may not be able to tolerate much emotional exploration.

On the other hand, yoga counseling incorporates mindful attention, focused breathing, and physical postures into therapy.  In other words, we use the body purposely to strengthen the mind-body connection, build self-regulation skills, and address how the body holds feelings. This part of the session may last only a few minutes and allow you to practice on your own at home.

In summary, in yoga counseling, we help you work toward feeling calm, appreciating your body, accepting yourself, and improving your relationships.

Elaine Moss, LCSW, RYT200

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