Free Online Support Groups

Free Online Support Groups

All of a sudden everything changed. Worldwide pandemic.

The pandemic hit and had changed everything. Just like that, all your normal routines are gone and the plans you'd made are meaningless. Months and days of the week and even time seems pretty irrelevant now. Sometimes you're convinced it's all a media hype and then you cough and are sure you've got it and wash your hands again.

You're missing your old life and your people and even that guy you usually try your best to avoid. You don't want to burden your closest family and friends with your fears and feelings, but you've got to talk about it. You've got to get it out or you'll explode. You've got to talk to people who get it.

You deserve to have some support as you try to adjust to a new normal. It's totally possible to have mental health in the time of pandemic. We want to help connect you to others who get it in a safe, supportive environment. A socially distanced online video environment that is easy to use, private, and secure.

Here's what you need to know:

  • FREE. Seriously, there's no charge for our online support groups right now. We want to help you make your way through the pandemic with your mental health intact.
  • Online. Find a private spot with an internet connection and your video device of choice (phone, tablet, computer).  When you sign up, we'll send you a link. You'll see other group members and your facilitator will moderate the discussion.
  • Support Groups. This isn't therapy, but rather a place to talk to people who get what you're going through. Explore and express your feelings, share your concerns, maybe even get some handy tips for how to deal with this season of life.

Free Online Video Support Group Offerings

teen girl chatting online through video on her phoneTeenage Girls (13-17, high school aged)
Mondays 9-10 am

It's not like being a teenager was easy "before". Now, things like school, friends, family, sports, activities, and weekends that used to make sense, just don't anymore. All the things you were looking forward to from normal to once-in-a-lifetime -- like parties, sleepovers, shopping trips, prom, college visits, vacations, or graduation -- are just gone. Staying in the house with just your family for weeks on end is so stressful. This group is a place to express and explore emotions, talk about stress, feelings of isolation, loneliness, and how to deal with it all with others your age. (Permission from your parent or guardian is required.)

extraverted womanExtraverts in Isolation (adults, all genders)
Wednesdays, 10-11 am

You know those touching social media posts that encourage you to check on your strong friends because they hide their pain and may not be ok? Well, folx, there's a pandemic and the extraverts are in isolation -- check on your extraverts! We are not ok and we're not afraid to talk about it! If the stress, fear, sadness, and loneliness are suffocating you, we want to help. Join us for an hour a week where you can explore and express your thoughts and feelings with other people who get what you're going through. You don't really have to be an extravert to participate -- there's no test!  You just need to be someone who wants to interact with others to give and receive support.

business owners contemplating impact of the pandemic on their businesBusiness Owners (adults, all genders)
Mondays, 12-1 pm 

When the world suddenly changed, your business changed in an instant. You were rolling along, just making it work: managing employees, balancing priorities, keeping an eye on cash flow, and planning for the future. Then the bottom dropped out and the struggle to stay ahead of the crisis is all consuming. Trying to change your entire business strategy in an instant feels impossible. How do you plan for what happens next when no one knows? This support group is for you so you can talk about everything going on with others who understand what it's like.

Getting Started

Reach out to us by phone to 770.283.8386 or email to and we'll walk you through how to get started with our free online video support groups.  If you are looking for therapy, we invite you to self-schedule a free 15-minute phone consult or an intake appointment through our client portal.

Please note: Due to state licensing laws, we can only serve individuals who are in the state of Georgia at the time of service.

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