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Rebekah Reynolds MSW specializes in complicated anxiety, depression, and trauma with a subspecialty in anger

anxiety, depression, & trauma | anger counseling | co-occuring substance use and mental health disorders
offering in-person sessions in Douglasville and online counseling throughout Georgia

Hi, I’m Rebekah.

I help angry people learn how to express their emotions without wanting to throat punch someone. My clients struggle like you do. Despite being hard-working, a dedicated provider, and totally lovable (underneath the hard outer shell), life is hard

When they first come in, they feel bitter. Once again, they’ve been blamed for a situation they didn’t cause. They always feel like others are pointing to them as the problem. No one ever tries to understand what ignited the explosion, they just get blamed for being on fire.

Somewhere along the line, minor irritations became overwhelming. They began to feel frustrated and trapped in a world where others could annoy them, but they couldn’t respond. The stress kept building up to a point where only breaking something could release the tension.

Before they came to see me, they felt misunderstood. They felt paralyzed about how to act so that their loved ones weren’t so afraid of them. Finding the energy to hunt for another new job seemed impossible. While drinking helped them calm down, they didn’t want to be accused of being an alcoholic. The idea of talking about their feelings seemed pointless.

Like my clients, you deserve to feel comfortable in your own shoes. Happy relationships are not out of your reach. You don’t have to keep starting over. If you’re ready to find a new way to navigate through stormy seas, I’d love to help you.

Call now. You don’t have to clean the mess up alone. I can help. 

Rebekah Reynolds, MSW

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  • Intake Assessment (45-50 minutes): $175
  • Individual or Family Counseling (45-50 minutes): $175

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