Daja (she/her)

Daja Jones is a black/african american counselor in Atlanta specializing in adult, teen, and family counseling for complicated anxiety, depression, and trauma.

anxiety, depression, & trauma | african american/black therapist | emdr therapy
offering in-person sessions in Suwanee and online counseling throughout Georgia

Hi, I’m Daja.

I help aspiring adults and families find new meaning in life by sorting through feelings of worry and hopelessness instead of avoiding them like an annoying telemarketer. My clients struggle just like you do. Despite being successful, intelligent, and as sweet as a Georgia peach, life is hard.

When they first come in, they feel overwhelmed with every aspect of their life. What once seemed like a small hurdle has turned into an Olympic sport to overcome. They can hardly remember feeling motivated and feel like joy has vanished. Each day they walk around with their “I have it it all together” mask on, but underneath, they’re one sigh away from bursting into tears. They feel controlled by their emotions and basically powerless. In those quiet moments, feelings of helplessness morph into anxiety. 

At some point, their favorite sweater got snagged on a jagged edge and now they can’t keep it from unraveling. Work, familial, and personal relationships have suffered because they isolate themselves to avoid becoming an emotional burden. They question their intelligence because they’ve been able to help other sort through their problems, but can’t seem to get themselves out of this emotional rut. The shame and guilt from what they have experienced gets in the way of them living at their highest potential.

Before they came to see me, they felt paralyzed by self-doubt and unworthiness. They were depleted, stressed, discouraged, and emotionally drained. Trying to identify positive attributes was a struggle because their vision had been foggy from hardships they’ve endured. They felt stuck in a pool of helplessness and needed help finding the light in their darkness.

You deserve it

Like my clients, you are worthy and deserving of peace. There is great strength within vulnerability. A fulfilled and meaningful life is within reach despite any of your life experiences. I’d love to help you plant the seed of healing, and continue to water your peace.

Call now. You don’t have to stay stuck. I can help.

Daja Jones, APC

Client Focus

  • Adults (18+)
  • Couples/Relationships
  • Families






  • Intake Assessment (45-50 minutes): $175
  • Individual Therapy (45-50 minutes): $175
  • Note: On 1/1/22, new client rates will be $200 for intake and $185 for therapy

4411 Suwanee Dam Road, Suite 450
Suwanee, GA 30024


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