Jessica (she/her)

Jessica Karell, LMSW - teen counseling specialist

anxiety, depression, & trauma | teen counseling and young adults
offering in-person services in Suwanee and online counseling throughout Georgia

Hi, I’m Jessica.

I help teens and young adults deal with the depression, anxiety and trauma that comes from the many transitions and stresses of life. My clients struggle like you do. Despite being intelligent, hardworking, and overall awesome people, life is hard.

When they first come in, they feel misunderstood and hopeless. They’ve gone from being calm and cool, to feeling like everything is going wrong. Somehow, life became unmanageable. Whether from friends, family, school/work, or a combination of everything, they’ve been struggling to take a beat and breathe ever since. They feel overwhelmed and frustrated, as if they can’t even communicate with the people they love. And the idea of asking for help is too embarrassing or simply something they never considered.

Before they came to me, they were feeling frustrated and alone, like they were losing grip on the things that made them feel most like themselves. They were pushing away everyone who could or wanted to help. Until they found a place to rediscover their worth and heal.

Like my clients, you deserve to enjoy your life again. You deserve a safe space to process whatever you’re going through- whether that’s preparing for college, changing relationships, or confronting painful past experiences. I’m here to help you figure out how to create and maintain that space.

Call now. You don’t have to figure it out alone. I can help.

Jessica Karell, LMSW

Client Focus


  • Teen Counseling
  • Complicated Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma



  • Intake Assessment (45-50 minutes): $210
  • Individual or Family Counseling (45-50 minutes): $185

4411 Suwanee Dam Road, Suite 450
Suwanee, GA 30024

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