Pamela (she/her)

Pamela is a relationship specialist

Hi, I’m Pamela.

I help high-achieving adults who struggle with perfectionism and difficulty in relationships.  My clients often feel they cannot break out of stuck patterns and wonder why they feel so hurt in their relationships. You may have feelings of not belonging or feel disconnected from your partner and friends. You want to feel safe, understood, and accepted but it is difficult when you feel like you can’t trust anyone.

I work with adult individuals and couples who have experienced painful past experiences.  Sometimes this is an unsatisfying relationship with our parents or a specific event that hurt us.  I have specialized training for working with my clients to provide relief from these experiences, using EMDR and Exposure Therapy.  I also provide therapeutic support for anxiety disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), grief and loss, depression, and clients who struggle with social engagement.

Seeking support is a sign of strength. If you are ready to make radical change to break free from what is holding you back, I am ready to help you get there.  Call me now to take the first step to relief.

Pamela is not currently accepting new clients. 

Pamela Madsen, APC

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Treatment Approach



  • Intake Assessment (45-50 minutes): $175
  • Individual or Family Counseling (45-50 minutes): $175
  • EMDR Extended Session (75-80 minutes): $265

4411 Suwanee Dam Road, Suite 450
Suwanee, GA 30024

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