Ten signs you might be a stressed-out workaholic

workaholic stress is real

Our society worships the overachiever and considers workaholic stress as honorable. You are supposed to burn the candle at both ends and deny yourself any pleasure. However, you could experience burnout. Therefore, it is important to balance your work with a sense of play and freedom.

The Dangers of Workaholic Stress

You may think that a workaholic would be every boss’ dream employee. After all, workaholics are usually first to arrive, last to leave, take on a mountain of work, and never take vacation.

However, workaholics are often not seen favorably. For example, they usually aren’t considered team players. In addition, they don’t delegate well (if at all) and can come off as irritable and angry to others. Likewise, they aren’t good at handling their workload efficiently. Because they don’t take time off of work they can become sick.

Workaholics often experience significant work-related stress, anger, anxiety, and depression. As a result, they can experience physical symptoms like headaches, migraines, GI upset, and insomnia.

Does this sound at all like you (or someone you love)?

Are You a Workaholic?

Are you wondering whether you are a workaholic? You may be if this list sounds a bit like you.

  1. Work over 50 hours each week
  2. Feel the need to be constantly busy
  3. Have trouble relaxing and/or having fun when not working
  4. Are a perfectionist
  5. Find writing to-do lists fun
  6. Have loved ones complain about how much you work
  7. Are often caught not paying attention to others because you’re focused on work
  8. Have been called a “control freak”
  9. Neglect your family
  10. Feel stressed when you have to turn off your cell phone

Workaholism is a Real Disease

Workaholism is an actual disease like alcoholism that tends to be passed down from parent to child. Work addicts use work as a means to cope with emotional discomfort and feelings of inadequacy. They use work as a distraction and other areas of life suffer. Because it’s all they know, the cycle repeats itself.

Recover from Workaholic Stress

Above all, you can recover from workaholic stress. You don’t have to completely change your life to improve it. Often, you can make a few small changes and see big benefits. Stressed-out workaholics can benefit greatly from having a safe person to talk to. An experienced therapist can help you:

  • understand the impulse to always work
  • identify ways that over-work is a distraction from what matters
  • explore ways to manage stress
  • develop boundaries
  • strengthen areas of life that might have been neglected
  • find new ways to find a balance between work and life
  • prioritize competing demands

If you recognize that you are suffering from workaholic stress, we can help. Schedule an appointment with one of our “second career therapists” Elaine or Han. Not only do they have their own lived experience as stressed-out workaholics, but they also have extensive experience working with highly intelligent over-achievers, managing work stress, and work-life balance issues.

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